The SAF: Heart to heart

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1. What was YOUR impression of the SAF before watching this video?

2. Singaporeans of every creed and race were asked about their impressions of the SAF. Which were the three impressions that struck you the most?

3. The tagline for SAF 50 is “Our SAF: Giving strength to our nation”. Do you agree with this statement and why?

Did you know?

The Singapore Armed Forces has its humble origin in the Straits Settlements Volunteer Force (SSVF, formed in 1922) as well as Raffles Institution Army Corps formed on May 15, 1901, which in turn had its roots in the Singapore Volunteer Artillery (SVA, formed in 1888). The Motto of the SVA is “In Oriente Primus” (Latin: First in the East), which is still in use today by the artillery formations of the Singapore Army.[5] In 1915 it helped to suppress the mutiny of the Sepoys in Singapore.

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